For the brief period of its existence, NARTO has made significant contribution to the National economy. Apart from accounting for a large percentage of revenue to government vide taxes, rates and levies of kinds, NARTO is the biggest employer of labour next to the Federal Government. For every sided truck, for example, about twenty people derive their livelihoods excluding their dependant’s i.e. from origin to destination

It is the mouthpiece for the projection and articulation of transporters problems. To this end it was able to setup machinery for the periodic review of freight rates with the Federal Government for the interest of all transporters in Nigeria.

It has successfully reacted against obnoxious policies in the past such as failed attempt by Government at imposing a particular brand of fire extinguishers on transporters. Equally an attempt by the military junta of Late General Sani Abacha to impose tolls on the use of bridges in Lagos State was successfully resisted by the Association.

It has fought against multiple taxes, rates, levies and extortion by Local Government in the Country which led to the promulgation of decree No. 21 of 1998 now Act.

In conjunction with NUPENG, NARTO instituted a joint Welfare Insurance Scheme for its Tanker Drivers so as to take care of driver and their dependants in the event of accident during services and post services periods. This scheme, the first of its kind globally enable the relations of a deceased tanker driver to collect N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira only) in the event of accident resulting to death or permanent disablement. This is without prejudice to the in-house death benefits of his employer.

NARTO provides statistics to government, its agencies and parastatal on vehicle cost, operations and data, and numbers of vehicles in circulation in the Country from time to time.