The Annual General Meeting
This is the highest decision making body of the Association whose decision is final on all issues. It is the elective forum for offices under the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the organization. Attendance at the AGM is free for all Bonafide members of the Association. It is held annually except during emergency. The AGM is characterized by stock taking of major events in the previous year and deliberates all issues referred to it from time to time by NEC.

The National Executive Council
This is the policy formulation and action implementation level. It meets quarterly and reach consensus by means of ordinary resolutions.
The National Executive Council (NEC)
The National President
The Executive Secretary
The Grand National Patron (Appointive)
The National Patron for the North & South (Appointive)
The National President (Elective for a period of four years)
The Deputy National President (Elective also for four years)
The National Treasurer (elective for four years)
The six Zonal Chairmen from the six geo-political zones with four other persons also elective for four years

In view of the strategic position of Lagos State where transporters from all over the country can be found, it was agreed that Lagos metropolitan NARTO be created to cater for the interest of non-indigenous transporters. To this end the National Executive Council has nominated four persons into the council.

The Executive Secretary who acts as the Secretary of the Council is by appointment.

The Unit Formation
In order to cover the interest of our members for the purpose of on the post assistance and problem intervention, NARTO has organized its members at the Oil installations, depots and refineries, industrial complexes, ports and other loading points into units officials which serve as the last tier of administration of the Association. The units are directly under the state branches. However their membership is on the register of members kept at the National Secretariat.